Body Language and the Magic of it All

Movements and Reading in Body Language

How can you use body language to express yourself in the business world, in relationships, in friendships, in family relations and more? It depends on the situation, but dealing with family and relationships is often the hardest. During interviews you have less to worry about; therefore we can consider body languages at interviews.

If you are at an interview your body languages are important key points to consider. While at an interview you could send the wrong message that will cost you the position. At any interview you wouldn’t want to bite your nails, fidget, and the like otherwise you will deliver a message that you lack confidence. You want to consider body languages of all areas, including hands, face, feet, mouth, eyes and the like.

At the Interview

Body Language Using the Hands

At the interview you are going to practice some helpful tips to achieve a successful encounter. Your hands are important at an interview. Your nails should be cleaned and manicured, as well as clean. If your hands are sweaty it is a sign that you lack the elements it takes to handle a position, since most people will consider this a nervous gesture. You should have warm hands, since cold hands may indicate nervousness also. Once you are ready to shake hands you will approach the interviewer politely, while extending your hand to shake with grip of firmness. You want to present yourself as professionally as possible.

Body Language Using the Face

While it is important to maintain eye-contact at an interview, it is also important that you do not appear to be staring. You should also avoid looking away from the interviewer as well as avoid looking downward toward the floor. While conversing with the interviewer it’s ok to nod your head in agreement, but it is not ok to continuously nod with each word said. Continuous nodding could indicate that you are anxious to leave.

If you gradually nod as an indication that you understand that conversation entirely the gesture will show interest and that you clearly understand what is being said to you. This will prompt the conversation to progress.

If you tilt the head in a slight gesture while maintaining contact with the eyes and delivering a non-superficial smile it will let the interviewer know that you can be approached with ease. You should never smile or grin ongoing through an interview. This will only indicate that you are superficial rather than sincere.

You want to also avoid using mouth signals, such as gnawing on the lip area, frequently touching the lips, or coughing in a fake manner when questions are hard to answer. This is a sign of weakness that will test your trustworthiness.

Body Language Using the Hands

During an interview you should never fidget. If you are fidgeting, including tapping pens/pencils, fingers, accordingly you are saying to the interviewer that you lack patients. Avoid cracking the knuckles during an interview and always keep a professional gesture, posture and the like with your body languages and words.

Body Language Using the Feet

Some people believe that if you wear loose shoes during an interview or meeting, and constantly dangle the shoes over the toes that it will mislead the purpose of your meeting. Always try to wear the proper shoes during any interview, which will make the interviewer believe that you are up-to the taking. If you dangle the shoes on the toes often it could lead the interviewer to believe that you are attracted to him or her.


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