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How can changing our life reduce stress? First, if we understand that changes are constant and understand what each change means to us we will have a hope. Change is a replacement tool that is required to survive throughout life. Changes come in many forms and when we learn to deal with changes positively we are reducing stress. Changes can be good or bad and it all depends on the decisions made to make the changes. If we are practicing behaviors that cause us problems, then changing your opinions, beliefs, thinking and so forth is a good thing, providing the decision made will enhance your life. When your life is enhanced, it helps to reduce stress since problems (stressors) are the leading cause of stress. Let us examine your life. Do you have friends? Are these friends’ positive influences or junkies that create chaos for you? If you friends are good then you are fine, however if your friends are not beneficial for teaching then it is time to make a decision to change your life and reduce stress by eliminating stressors. Are the friends causing you chaos worth keeping? Is there a chance that you can talk to them about their negative behaviors and get results? If you cannot find any positive from your self-talk then you know that eliminating your friends is a change in your life that will reduce your stress. What about your job? Does your job offering you the potential you deserve? Does your employer appreciate the effort on your part? Are you struggling everyday to make ends meet? If you answered any or all of the questions then you know a change is needed. Obviously if you answered the questions with a yes, you know stressors and stress exist. So how can we change this to a more positive outlook and reduce our stress? If we are lacking education then we might want to apply for a Pale Grant that will provide us the funds for attending college to better our potentials. We can hold our current job while we work toward a better life. After we reach a certain level in school, we can then work toward finding a better job. We could also search for a job in between in case someone is hiring and you can handle the position and more pay is offered. Do you have goals? Are those goals reachable or are you putting more demand on your self to reach the impossible? If you have, higher demands of your self you might want to reduce your goals to a more reachable level. This will eliminate stress and remove stressors. What about your family life? Are you married? Do you have children? How can you revise your decision process to produce a more stable environment? Obviously, you have stress from family issues, since income is minimal. How can we change this to make our life more productive? What about your bills and expenses? Are you spending more than you make? IS there an area that we can eliminate for now to save extra funds? Maybe we could cut back on certain necessities to increase our funds. If you see the changes and how they can benefit us by reducing stressors and stress then you no your next step is to get started analyzing your situation to determine what changes need to be made to reduce stress. Life is complicated enough without adding to the complications. If we make positive changes in our lifestyle, we are often rewarded for making a good decision. Our decisions then are the leading cause that presents stress. If we are making good decisions and acting accordingly then our life is less a hassle. When our problems are, minimized life runs smoothly most of the time. Learning stress management that teaches us how to minimize problems, cope with stress and learn coping skills it the tools that lead us to a successful life. Do not fear changes; rather consider them as a tool for living with less stress and enjoying a fuller life. Living happy and avoiding stressors can also save our help, thus reducing stress and eliminating more problems.


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