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We all have our share of problems without having to worry about all the problems that the system brings us. Common problems include financial obligations, family stressors, relationships stressors, and so forth. We often learn how to cope with our stress while growing, but some of us missed out on the benefits of full development. We have poverty, wars, crime, and other stressors that make it difficult to think positive, therefore, we need to learn stress management techniques that help us to cope with stress by reducing the stressors. We can do this by making good decisions, practicing healthy tasks, exercising, eating healthy foods, and avoiding negative stressors that present a risk to us. We know most of us have no control over wars and other political rites, since society will often sit down and wait for others to handle the major problems in life and alone we cannot protest the troubles. Therefore, if we have no control why bother worry about something that is going to happen regardless of how we think. Why stress over problems that are not in your hand when you have a full plate already. Problems are existing and learning to accept the problems as they come our way can help us to reduce our stress. We can also review our life to see if areas of our behaviors and thinking play a part in our decisions and the results of our mistakes. We are imperfect human beings so it is impossible to make good decisions all the time, however, it is not impossible to make good decisions most of the time. When we make bad decisions negative results follows in series. This is when problems are increasing stress, since stressors are accumulating. We can look at examples to understanding the process of making bad decisions and reduce stress by staying focused on the results. A young man has a history of sleeping around with a number of women. He has two children in which he is paying child support each week and twins on the way. Now this might appear fun for this young man, but his bad decisions lead to more bad decisions that resulted for him to pay out his earnings for the remainder of his life. His decisions affected many lives, since now we have single parents, and children that may or may not know their father. What a chaotic situation for making one bad decision. The persons have life to go with many stressors along the path. We know that marriage is the only answer to avoiding problems in our life to the magnitude of sleeping around brings. Life is already troublesome so why add more problems to your life and possibly the life of others. If you are experience stress then you might want to write up a list of thoughts, emotions, actions taking, problems, decisions made and so forth for review. Search the list looking for areas that you may have the ability to change to eliminate problems. For example, assume you went out to visit a friend and a fight broke out at his place. Is there something you could have done differently to avoid this problem? IS your friend prone to associating with persons that are troublesome? If so, you know that avoiding this type of association could have spared you the trouble of dealing with the law as a witness and engaging in violence to help your friend. Maybe you made a decision in your life that changed your life forever. Assuming you made a decision to drop out of high school in your younger years. The world has changed dramatically making it virtually impossible to survive without a degree. Now you know that this decision presented a major problem for your life, but there is an answer to the problem. If you make a wise decision and take, courses to get your degree you have a chance of a better future and the ability to reduce your problems avoiding stress. You can see clearly that most problems can be minimized by making wise choices. When you make the choice to complete school your self-esteem, confidence and other personal needs increase.


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