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Yes, if you are not organized, your time management plan will fall through in most instances, however if you have an organized plan, you are well on your way to success. Organizing plays a large role in managing time. When we are not organized, we are sending messages to other people. In addition, as you can see organizing is part of the plan. With confident I can write this article, since in my past, I had great problems with staying organized. I tried desperately to manage my time, which often failed, since I did not have the ability, or thought I did not have the ability to organize. On my road to recovery, I learned a few special techniques that I would like to share with the readers, since someone, I am confident, will thank me for writing this article.


Many suffer as a direct result of time management negligence. Studies have reported suffering that included frustration, remorse, anxiety, and low self-esteems. When we are not organized, we do not have one of the essential tools to manage our time. So to begin, let’s get organized!

Setting priorities is the start to organizing and setting a time management plan. Organizing brings forth a more productive lifestyle. First, you must start by not leaving your personal and work belongings floating around. If you desk and room are cluttered, and you run around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to figure out where you put that important document, then you are unorganized and your time is not managed properly. If you have stuff lying around you do not need, it is wise to toss it in the garbage, since it only taking up space, and confusing you as to what is important. You can also start by placing your documents in storage areas appropriately suiting for the documents. Some of us prefer to place our documents in alphabetical order, but other prefers to store the documents by file name.

Next, you want to place your bills and other important papers in a folder with a file name. For example, if you have bills place the phone bill in a folder named telephone.files. Avoid vague file names since it can only confuse you later. As an editor and author, I learned the golden rule, which I feel applies to all situations in life. That golden rule is KISS. (Keep it Simple Stupid). By keeping it simple, you will not feel stupid later. Create a separate file for your warranties, financial statements, insurance proofs, as well as keeping your birth records, marriage license, passports, or other important documents in a separate file. Again, be sure to label the files specifically so there are no confusions later. When you receive bills or other important papers in the mailbox, be sure to deal with each situation accordingly and in a timely manner. If you receive a lot of junk mail, toss it. Most junk mail has nothing to offer us, and often are gimmicks to lower us in a scheme. If you can’t hang with the big dogs, stay on the porch with the puppies to avoid getting taking for a ride! This advice also includes emails. If you are, on a job, that requires the use of computers and you have your own mailbox…DO NOT give your mail address to any one that isn’t associated with your business. This will help manage your time, and keep you organized. At least once a week if you toss out the junk, clean up the goods, and organize your important documents, you are well on your way to organizing a time management plan!


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