Diversity means that we are living in a world of different opinions, understanding, beliefs, thoughts, and so forth. The system surrounds us with elements including unlike personalities that all differ. This poses a threat, since learning is now over rated.

Learning is a gift, however the gift is torn-down since every one of us tend to make someone else fall into our patterns of life. Instead of becoming individuality, we are taught to mimic the majority. The action reduces us down to an imitation rather than an individual.

Since children, are prone to observe others, this drives the child to a chaotic mind.
After carefully study human behaviors and our superiors (teachers, law, political, religious, et cetera)…I noticed that some of these examples are callous individuals. The groups are working toward complete corruption of the system, rather than finding a way to deal with the many problems we have in life.

The problems include ADD, ADHD, and speech impediments, deaf, blind, and mentally ill. The corruptions have reached beyond the so-called normal problems in our system of things.

Learning is a process that takes years to complete. When interruptions continue, the process reverts. Children watch closely as rules are set to follow. Standards are created to adhere to beliefs and are then issued to force the person to believe according to a golden rule.

Now we see that diversity can be bad when persons are lacking education. We can see this by reviewing one woman’s example. The woman stood out from the rest to fight an entire system by use of her knowledge, wisdom and experiences. This woman was told thousands of times that her beliefs could make her the president of the world. Since she had the ability to make a life much livable than what we are living now.

Yet, the majority refused her, since she was not the so-called normal. The woman was forced to make a choice whether to go along with a corrupted system or stand firm in what she believed.

Some may see this woman as a handicap. Yet, when they see her, IQ is above Einstein’s the people would know better.

The problem is even Einstein failed in areas, including math. Therefore, even this genius had learning inabilities. Einstein, while considered a candidate for learning disability. He cut school classes, dropping from school and still became a well-known scientist and genius.

How is this possible? First, Einstein while in school was forced to believe according to a standard issued by the majority. Therefore, his knowledge would have crept out the door if he had stayed in school.

Instead, one man stood against a diverse system and sit out to prove his theories were correct. The man single-handed did exactly what the teachers said he couldn’t do. Therefore, when we are dealing with learning disabilities sometimes we have to ignore the rules of others. We must learn to adhere to our own rules, providing those rules do not hurt others physically or mentally.

Some of us, including myself, have a great love for learning. We are let down when we attend school, reaching middle school, and our interest drops immensely. This brings us to peer pressure. If we have special gifts for learning, other children will notice and persecute us for our abilities.

After dealing with peer pressure and ongoing bullying, I too left school, and later attended adult education. Rarely did I open a book. Appalled at the profound teaches, I ventured off to do my own course of study. Through my journey, I researched, listened, heard, observed, and contrasted, to learn the differences. This brought me to see, we are heading down a road to deeper chaos. Since the majority rule and the intelligent individuals (special gifted minds) are left behind.
Nowadays, many people are finding that home education may be the answer to minimizing learning disabilities. Home schooling is convenient, in that the children are not subject to a wealth of influences a variety of beliefs. Thus, the child has the ability to grow according to the child’s own individuality, rather than grow up in a world filled with confusion.

We all have to learn math, science, history, social studies and other subjects to a degree. Not all of us need it to the degree that some believe, since we all do not plan to become rocket scientists. We all have our own goals.

Teachers often drive nails into the head of children that fail to see why math is beneficial for teaching. They often fail to help the child see, by illustrating to him how math helps to solve complex problems. Forget the diversity in mathematical problems. The diversity in life is so complex, it alone can help us breakdown complexity and survive the game of chance!


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